Pay the Ferryman

We provide the following guaranties to our costumers:

Satisfaction guarantee

It is our primary ambition to surpass in every aspect our customers’ expectations, regarding the quality of the services that we offer.

Therefore, we guarantee that all of our services will produce 100% satisfaction! Should you feel at any time during your business relations with STYXLTD™ that you did not obtain what you had expected, we did not keep our promises, or simply that you were not entirely satisfied with the behavior and helpfulness of our colleagues, please do not hesitate to contact Istvan E. Csoka, Managing Director immediately.

Deadline guarantee

We are obliged to execute all our projects accordingly to the agreed timeline. In case we would hand over the results of our work to you after the agreed deadlines, than you are entitled for a 50% discount.

Respond guarantee

We will answer all your e-mail and correspondence within 48 hours. In case we would fail to answer you in that timeframe, than you are entitled for 25% discount.


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